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One more contract for a Four High Roughing/Intermediate Cold Rolling Mill
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MINO has been awarded by Ningbo Powerway Alloy Plate & Strip Co., Ltd one more Contract for the supply of a new Four High Roughing/Intermediate Cold Rolling Mill for Copper and Copper Alloys.

Founded in 1987, Powerway is a Chinese high-tech enterprise group which has by now become world leader in producing, researching and developing non ferrous alloys.

Ningbo Powerway Alloy Plate & Strip Co., Ltd. is a company fully committed in the development of new materials and in the innovation of the technology of  production of non ferrous  alloys. Powerway Group products include environmental protection alloys, alloyed electrodes, new alloys, brazing materials, copper-nickel alloys, bronze, brass, high precision pure copper alloys for electronic applications.

The continuous effort of Powerway Group in technological innovation, that has allowed the group to develop several invention patents, has led the Group to win various prestigious titles such as "National Enterprise Technical Center", "National Key High-tech Enterprise", one of "First 93 National Innovative Enterprise", "Excellent Private Enterprises in Science and Technology in China", "Model Enterprise for Informatization".

Powerway group has presided over and participated in the establishment of national standards and industry standards on copper alloys.

The award of this latest Contract comes after the previous successful cooperation between MINO and Ningbo Powerway for the installation of the MINO Six High Finishing Mill.

The new Cold Mill, which shall be installed in the same workshop where the previous MINO Six High Finishing Mill is located, shall produce copper and copper alloys strips starting from maximum incoming thickness of 18 mm down to the minimum thickness of 0.4 mm, on a maximum width of 460 mm.

The Cold Mill has the outstanding characteristic of being capable of producing either coils to be sent to the MINO Six High Mill for finishing rolling, either coils to be delivered to the customers as final products.

To achieve this, the new Cold Mill will be equipped with work roll lubrication & cooling system by pure oil, suitable to ensure that the strip will have the surface quality as required from final products.

Moreover, the new Cold Mill will be provided with the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s AVANTItm TCS system (AGC/AFC controls) that will allow to achieve the tightest thickness and flatness performances requested by today’s market.

The TCS system of the mill will be complete with MINO’s mathematical models for pass schedule calculation and optimization, developed by MINO in the previous similar rolling mills.

This new Cold Mill, which shall be designed following the latest MINO’s design concept in the field of copper alloys rolling, represents a new outstanding example of the pinnacle achieved by MINO’s copper Mills in terms of quality & performance. The repeat orders from a same Customer are a tangible evidence of that.

The key data of the mill are:

Type of Mill Four-High Reversing Finishing Mill
Rolled material
Copper and Copper Alloys
Max. entry strip width 460 mm
Max. entry strip thickness 18 mm
Min.  exit design strip thickness 0.4 mm
Max. coil weight 7 t
Max. rolling speed 600 m/min

With this latest Contract, the number of MINO cold mills for copper alloys  sold to China alone since 2004 achieves now the figure of 21, still confirming MINO as the most successful foreign supplier of copper mills in China!

Example of MINO Four High Roughing/Intermediate Cold Mill, same as the one that will be delivered to Ningbo Powerway Alloy Plate & Strip Co., Ltd.

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series
New 90 Inch Foil Mill for GRÄNGES AMERICAS
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MINO S.p.A. of Italy are proud to announce the contract awarded by GRÄNGES AMERICAS for a new 90 Inch Foil and Automotive Heat Exchanger Cold Rolling Mill.

GRÄNGES AMERICAS has awarded MINO the contract to supply a new 90 Inch Foil and Automotive Heat Exchanger Cold Rolling Mill for the expansion of its aluminum rolling operation in Huntingdon, Tennessee.

Through this new expansion, GRÄNGES AMERICAS will meet the growing demand for foil, automotive heat exchanger materials, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications of its North American customers.

The new 90 Inch Foil Cold Rolling Mill is of a high performance specification, designed by MINO with its latest rolling technologies and process control solutions.

Alongside the latest MINO mill stand design, this Mill will set a benchmark for quality in the foil and automotive heat exchanger markets.

To control the Mill at the high speeds demanded for this process, MINO will supply process controls incorporating the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s AVANTItm TCS system for AGC/AFC control, including model based predictive control. This is accompanied by powerful AC main drives and controls, also engineered by MINO Automation, for precise operation at high rolling speeds.

Included in the supply will be state-of-the-art solutions for coil preparation, automatic coil handling, automatic spool transfer, pup coil disposal, coolant filtration.

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series
New Foil Finishing Mill for LAMINAZIONE SOTTILE
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Founded in 1923, Laminazione Sottile is the leading Italian Company in the field of rolled aluminium products. With more than 105.000 tons produced in 2017, they cover a wide range of product applications such as packaging, HVAC-R, automotive, cookware and building.

Laminazione Sottile has the ability to supply aluminium coils, sheet, foil and circles in different alloys and widths with gauges ranging from 6 mm down to 6 microns.

On February 2015 the Final Acceptance Certificate of their new MINO Cold Mill was signed by Laminazione Sottile, marking the successful completion of Phase 1 of its long term  investment programme in rolling assets.

In 2017 and following the successful completion of Phase 1, MINO received the green light to proceed with the implementation of Phase 2 of the programme, consisting of the design, manufacture and supply of a new Foil Finishing Mill.

The new Foil Mill will be installed in the same Caserta plant and will further add rolling capacity to a long list of equipment supplied by MINO over a 40 year time span:

-      one Cold Mill supplied in 1980 and recently refurbished by MINO with new process

       control system;

-      one Foil Roughing Mill supplied in 1983;

-      one Hot Mill supplied in 1998;

-      the latest Cold Mill commissioned in 2015.

MINO is particularly proud of the long term partnership with Laminazione Sottile, the extent of which now covers nearly 40 years. This relationship is evident by the contract awards given to MINO in hot, cold and foil rolling mills which show a deep level of cooperation and technical trust between the two Companies.

The new Foil Finishing Mill has high-speed rolling potential and will display the latest MINO mill stand design concepts. On-line strip doubling and a number of electro/mechanical solutions allow for tension control at reels over an extremely broad range of material specifications. Complimenting the mill stand are automatic spool transfer devices, a side trimmer and state-of-the-art sensors & instruments.

As with all new MINO mills, the ‘Avanti’ advanced AGC/AFC system controls flatness and thickness of rolled strip. AC motors & drives provide low maintenance, flexible control of speed and torque.

The Mill’s design and automation system is developed in compliance with the Industry 4.0 guidelines, such as advanced process control and monitoring systems, friendly man/machine interface, interactions between different machines, intelligent maintenance system, remote diagnostics. All systems will be designed and supplied by MINO from within MINO’s Automation Division

A key objective within the electrical and automation systems is to achieve high percentage in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) levels and to optimise the equipment reliability and operational safety.

The Mill is currently under pre-assembly in MINO’s workshop in Alessandria.

Key data of the new Foil Finishing Mill:

Type of alloys: AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width 1750 mm
Max. entry strip thickness 0.6 mm
Min.  exit strip thickness 2 x 0.006 mm
Max. coil weight 14 t
Max. strip speed
2250 m/min at coiler

Typical MINO Foil Mill

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series
MINO awarded with the Contract for the supply of world’s largest Six-High Cold Mill for aluminium alloys!
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MINO has been awarded by Henan Tongren Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. with a Contract for the supply of a new Six High Cold Rolling Mill having a staggering 3000 mm barrel length!

Such a wide mill, which will be the widest six high mill for aluminium ever installed in China and in the world, will be supplied by MINO for the new production plant of Henan Tongren Aluminium Co.  in Sanmenxia.

This new Mill will be able to produce more than 120.000 tons/year of strips of different aluminium alloys and shall be dedicated mainly for the rolling of strips for aeronautical applications.

The Mill will be developed following the state-of-the-art design. It will be equipped with its own fully-automatic coil circulation system (which is interfaced with the High Bay of the workshop), coil preparation station, coil inspection station, automatic spool transfer device, automatic strapping and marking, advanced AGC/AFC controls developed by MINO and powerful medium voltage AC main drives.

The Mill stand will be provided with the latest technology of induction type hot edge system for work rolls and with long stroke shifting system for the intermediate rolls: such devices allow the Mill to cope with different values of strip thickness and of strip width and to roll in stable conditions and with proper control of the strip flatness and strip edges, up to the maximum speed of 1200 m/min.

Being the maximum entry thickness 12 mm and the maximum strip width 2850 mm, some key data of the Mill are just extraordinary for a cold mill, such as the weight of each mill housing that will be 170 tons and the maximum rolling force that will as high as 3200 t!

The whole L1 Automation, the Technological Control System, the mathematical models of the Rolling Recipes and the whole L2 will be developed by MINO’s Automation Division.  The mill will be connected to the L3 of the workshop and will be able to automatically exchange all the necessary information about the rolled coils and the relevant technological parameters with the other systems connected to the L3.

Key data of the new Six-high Cold Mill:

Type of alloys:


Max. entry strip width 2850 mm
Max. entry strip thickness 12 mm
Min.  exit strip thickness 0,2 mm
Max. coil weight 30 t
Max. rolling force 3200 t
Max. rolling speed1200 m/min.
Power at the stand
7000 kW

3D rendering of MINO’s Six-high Cold Mill

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series
One more Foil Mill contract!
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Further to the supply of a 2500 mm Six-High Cold Rolling Mill in 2013 and of a Foil Mill in 2014, Yinbang Aluminium Co. Ltd. has selected MINO again for the supply of one more Foil Mill, to be installed in the new Wuxi production facility.

Yinbang Aluminium Co. Ltd., established back in 1988, is today specialized in the production of aluminium clad material, multi-metal clad material and non-clad aluminium material serving the automotive, aircraft, power plant, machinery and home appliance industries.

The new Foil Mill will be provided with the latest MINO’s technologies developed for foil rolling, including its high performance AFC/AGC process control system and its hot edge spray system that has been specifically designed to relieve high tensile stress at the strip edges, allowing to achieve higher rolling speeds.

Advanced electro/mechanical solutions allow for tension control at reels over an extremely broad range of strip thicknesses and widths.

MINO is pleased to have been selected for the third time by Yinbang Aluminium, being the repeat orders from a same Customer a clear recognition of Customer’s satisfaction of the level of quality and performance achieved by MINO mills.

Key data of the new Foil Mill:

Foil Roughing Mill

Type of alloys: AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA6XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width 1500 mm
Max. entry strip thickness 1.2 mm
Min.  exit strip thickness 0.03 mm
Max. coil weight 18 t
Max. rolling force 1000 t
Max. rolling speed 1500 m/min.

Typical MINO Foil Mill under pre-assembly in MINO’s Alessandria workshop

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series

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