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Largest Six-high Mill for aluminium in the world receives Final Acceptance by Customer
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Mino is proud to announce that, last October 23rd 2021, the Final Acceptance Certificate of the MINO Six-High Cold Mill installed in Baowu’s Sanmenxia Plant located in Henan Province was signed by Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.

The subject Six-high Mill has been supplied by MINO in the frame of Baowu’s project for the production of Al Alloy strip for the aerospace, aviation and automobile industry sectors.

The subject Mill, having a staggering 3000 mm barrel length, is the widest Six-high Cold Mill for aluminium ever installed in China and in the world.

The Final Acceptance Certificate has been signed by the Parties after having completed an extensive period of performances tests and trial production during which all guaranteed performance parameters have been achieved or even exceeded.
The thorough Mill’s testing procedure has been fulfilled by a joint MINO team of specialized technicians coming from MINO Tianjin (China), MINO S.p.A. (Italy) and Mino Process Control (UK) working in close cooperation with Baowu’s technical team, in spite of the several additional challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions.

This subject Mill will is capable of producing more than 120.000 tons/year of strips of different aluminium alloys.
The Mill is equipped with its own fully-automatic coil circulation system (which is interfaced with the High Bay of the workshop), coil preparation station, coil inspection station, automatic spool transfer device, automatic strapping and marking, advanced AGC/AFC controls developed by MINO and powerful medium voltage AC main drives.
The Mill is provided with the latest technology of induction type hot edge system for work rolls and with long stroke shifting system for the intermediate rolls: such devices allow the Mill to cope with different values of strip thickness and of strip width and to roll in stable conditions and with proper control of the strip flatness and strip edges, up to the maximum rolling speed of 1200 m/min.
Being the maximum entry thickness 12 mm and the maximum strip width 2850 mm, some key data of the Mill are just extraordinary for a cold mill, such as the weight of each mill housing of 170 tons and the maximum rolling force of 3200 t!
The whole L1 Automation, the Technological Control System, the mathematical models of the Rolling Recipes and the whole L2 have been developed by MINO’s Automation Division.

Key data of the Six-high Cold Mill:

Type of alloys: AA1XXX, AA2XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX,
AA6XXX, AA7XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width: 2850 mm
Max. entry strip thickness: 12 mm
Min. exit strip thickness: 0.2 mm
Max. coil weight: 30 t
Max. rolling force: 3200 t
Max. rolling speed: 1200 m/min.
Power at the stand:7000 kW

Pictures showing MINO Six-high Cold Mill during commissioning in Sanmenxia Plant (Henan Province, China)

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One more MINO Foil Finishing Mill for LAMINAZIONE SOTTILE!
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Founded in 1923, Laminazione Sottile belongs to the Laminazione Sottile Group, which covers the production and transformation of aluminium, together with four other sister companies: Italcoat, Contital, IPS Industrial Packaging Solution (in Italy) and i2r Ltd. (in the UK, Korea and USA) and latest Contital LM (in Turkey) and PLLANA Gmbh (in Germany).

The Group’s companies work in an integrated production chain and manufacture rolled aluminium products in different alloys, dimensions and superficial treatments, including lacquering and printing, and aluminium food trays.
Through these inter-related companies, the Laminazione Sottile Group has the capability to supply the market with a wide range of rolled products for diverse applications such as packaging, HVAC-R, automotive, cookware and building, as well as with lacquered, laminated or printed products, semi-rigid aluminium foil containers, A-PET containers, aluminium rolls, cling film and oven papers for food packaging.
With a net production exceeding 120.000 tons per year, Laminazione Sottile is the Italian leading Company in the field of thin gauge rolled aluminium products, capable of supplying aluminium coils, sheets and circles in different alloys and dimensions, with gauges ranging from 6 mm down to 6 microns.

Following the very successful commissioning of the previous MINO Foil Finishing Mill that was completed in 2019, on June 2021 Laminazione Sottile decided to award a new Contract to MINO for the supply of one more set of MINO Foil Finishing Mill.
This new MINO Finishing Foil Mill will be the third MINO Foil Mill installed in the Company’s production facility located in Caserta, close to Naples, in the south of Italy.

With this latest addition, the Caserta plant will display a long list of equipment supplied by MINO during more than 20 year time span:
- a Cold Mill supplied in 1980 and recently refurbished by MINO with new process control system;
- a Foil Roughing Mill (MINO Foil Mill N.1) supplied in 1983;
- a massive Hot Mill with twin coilers, supplied in 1998;
- the latest Cold Mill commissioned in 2015;
- MINO Foil Finishing Mill (MINO Foil Mill N.2) commissioned in 2019;
- latest MINO Foil Finishing Mill (MINO Foil Mill N.3) to be installed in 2022.

Following the signature of this latest Contract, Mr. Cesare Pettazzi, President of MINO S.p.A. declared:

“MINO is particularly proud and enthusiastic of such a consolidated and long-lasting partnership with Laminazione Sottile, that is a tangible evidence of the level of mutual trust developed by the two Companies during all these years. I believe that such a long lasting cooperation, which covers the whole spectrum of rolling equipment ranging from hot rolling to foil rolling, is outstanding and quite unique in the worldwide panorama of aluminium rolling.”

Mr. Massimo Moschini, Chairman of Laminazione Sottile, declared:

“The long lasting cooperation between Laminazione Sottile and MINO was built over nearly 40 years of projects undertaken together. Both parties worked hard with the aim at replacing the traditional Seller/Buyer relationship with a cooperation relationship based on mutual technical trust and good understanding of the respective needs. This is achieved with frequent and deep technical exchanges between the two companies’ technical teams. Project after project we have set the bar higher for MINO in terms of smart design, performance and equipment efficiency. The working system has proven to be fruitful so far, with MINO responding well to our requests. We trust that we will achieve together even higher goals”.

MINO Foil Mill N.3 will be very similar to MINO Foil Mill N.2, with just few “tweaks”, such as the edge control system by hot sprays being replaced by an induction pad system.
MINO Foil Mill N.3 is of high-speed design and includes two sets of pay-off reels for strip doubling, electro/mechanical solutions allowing for tension control at reels over an extremely broad range, automatic spool transfer device, side trimmer, state-of-the-art sensors & instruments, most advanced controls and AC drives.
To control the Mill at the high speeds demanded for this process, MINO will supply process controls incorporating the latest generation of AVANTItm TCS system for AGC/AFC control, including model based predictive control and a furtherly optimized function for automatic acceleration ramp.
The system is developed by MINO’s sister Company “MINO Process Control Ltd.” based in the UK, which specializes in the development and commissioning of most advanced process controls for thin gauge rolling.

The Mill’s design and automation system is being developed in compliance with the Industry 4.0 guidelines, such as advanced process control and monitoring systems, friendly man/machine interface, interactions between different machines (interoperability), intelligent maintenance system, remote diagnostics.
The final goal is to achieve high percentage in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and to improve the equipment reliability and operational safety.

The Mill is currently under design/manufacturing in MINO’s facilities in Alessandria, Vicenza and Wimborne (UK).

Key data of MINO Foil Mill N.3:

Type of alloys: AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width: 1750 mm
Max. entry strip thickness:
0.75 mm
Min. exit strip thickness: 2 x 0.006 mm
Max. coil weight: 14 t
Max. rolling speed: 1800 m/min.
Max. coiling speed: 2250 m/min.

Picture showing MINO Foil Mill N.2 in operation at Laminazione Sottile’s production plant in Caserta

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MINO awarded a new contract from ElvalHalcor of Greece
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MINO S.p.A. of Italy (hereinafter “MINO”) are proud to announce the contract awarded by ElvalHalcor Hellenic Copper and Aluminium Industry S.A. of Greece (hereinafter “ELVAL”) for a new high speed, Six-high Cold Rolling Mill.

The new powerful, over 2m wide, Six-high Cold Rolling Mill is part of ELVAL’s expansion plan of its aluminum rolling operation in Oinofyta, Viotia (Greece). This investment will allow ELVAL to utilize up to an extra 150 thousand tons/year of the additional hot rolling capacity at the Oinofyta plant, which will more than double, following the installation of the new four-stand tandem hot finishing rolling mill by April 2020.

Furthermore, it reinforces ELVAL’s commitment to provide more sustainable world-class aluminium products and solutions, contributing towards a circular economy.

Contract signature between Mr. Lampros Varouchas,
Managing Director of ElvalHalcor
Aluminium Division and
Mr. Cesare Pettazzi, President of MINO

The need to target different products for diverse applications, led ELVAL to specify the request of a Cold Mill that could achieve cutting edge performances whilst achieving a high level of production flexibility and adaptability.

MINO’s has risen to the challenge by providing the latest evolution of its Six-high Mill solution that is the result of many years of experience in supplying and commissioning Six-high Mills for the world’s flat product’s industry, thus satisfying the market’s most demanding applications in terms of strip quality and productivity.

Alongside the latest Six-high Mill stand design, MINO will supply an advanced and high performance process control system incorporating the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s AVANTItm TCS system for AGC/AFC control, which includes unique model based predictive control algorithms.

This is accompanied by powerful AC main drives and controls, also engineered in-house by MINO Automation, for precise operation at high rolling speeds.

The Mill will be supplied with a state-of-the-art solution for coil preparation, automatic coil handling, automatic spool transfer, pup coil disposal and roll coolant filtration, to provide highly efficient and reliable operation of the Mill. Additionally, the Mill will be equipped with advanced sensors and monitoring systems, such as bearings temperature control, strip temperature control, vibration monitoring and control system, edge cracking detection. All these systems will be designed and supplied by MINO from within its Automation Division.

Typical MINO Six-high Cold Mill for Aluminium during pre-assembly in MINO’s Alessandria workshop

About ELVAL/MINO cooperation

The cooperation between MINO and ELVAL dates back for three decades, when MINO began its relationship with an award for comprehensive revamp of a cold mill and a tandem mill installed in their UK based company: Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd., based in Shropshire, England.

During the same period, MINO also supplied four rolling mills and a milling line for copper and brass strip to their Halcor’s plant, Sofiamed, based in Bulgaria.

More recently, MINO were awarded a complete rebuild project at Bridgnorth where a pre-owned cold mill was relocated from Spain to the site and completely modernized. The rolling mill was re-designed to roll thin gauge products for lithographic products.

Later, in 2015 and 2018, MINO successfully undertook two further revamping projects in the ELVAL plant in Greece: a cold rolling mill for canstock production and a thin strip cold rolling mill.


ELVAL is the aluminium rolling division of ElvalHalcor S.A., one of the leading aluminium rolling manufacturers worldwide. For almost 50 years, ELVAL has been recognised as a trusted partner and innovative aluminium manufacturer, with a broad portfolio of quality products for the packaging, construction, shipbuilding, automotive, energy, industrial and HVAC markets. Through an established global commercial network across 21 countries, ELVAL exports approximately 80% of its production to more than 60 countries and offers reliable and competitive solutions that meet the requirements of the most demanding global customers.

For more information about ELVAL, please visit the website www.elval.com

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A new Four High Roughing Mill in Northern Copper Industry Co., Ltd
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MINO SpA has been selected by Northern Copper Industry Co., Ltd. for the supply of a new Four High Roughing Mill for copper and copper alloys. The mill is to be installed in the new production plant that Northern Copper Industry Co. intends to build in the industrial zone of Yuncheng.

The mill is going to process both soft and hard copper alloys starting from the thickness of 17 mm down to 0,5 mm over a maximum strip width of 670 mm. The mill is equipped with one dedicated unwinding group, with two big wheels for winding of thick strips (down to approx. 6-5 mm) and with two tension reels.

The mill’s design incorporates MINO’s know how in the field of roughing rolling. Such process in fact requires high stiffness of the stand and of the equipment in contact with the strip but, at the same time, also a certain flexibility of the mechanical actuators in order to properly control the flatness and the surface quality of the copper alloy strip. These two opposite requirements are simultaneously satisfied by MINO’s design, tested trough the years in several successful projects around the globe.

MINO has developed its own technology in the field of roughing rolling in more than 40 years by designing, manufacturing and commissioning roughing mills of various sizes (from minimum strip width of 450 mm up to maximum strip width of 1250 mm), either in reversible single stand and in non reversing tandem configuration.

The automation of the mill is developed by MINO. The mill is equipped with the state of the art AVANTI AGC system provided by MINO Process Control UK for the accurate control of the thickness tolerance of the rolled strip.


Type of alloys: Copper and copper alloys
Max. entry strip width: 670 mm
Max. entry strip thickness: 17 mm
Min. exit strip thickness: 0,5 mm
Max. coil weight: 10 t
Max. rolling force: 1500 t
Max. rolling speed at mill stand:
400 m/min.

Typical MINO four high roughing mill for copper and copper alloys

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New state of the art Copper Foil Rolling Mill
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Lingbao Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd has selected MINO as supplier of a new Copper Foil Mill to be installed in the factory located in Lingbao in the frame of the new expansion project.

Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd is a renowned company specialized in the production of ultra thin rolled copper foil of highest quality. The company produces and exports in all the world plain foil, surface treated foil, high corrosion resistance foil and copper foil for graphene. The company now intends to begin the second phase of the development plan by increasing the production capability.

Being the rolled copper foil a product whit the most stringent quality requirements of the whole market of copper alloys, the new Copper Foil Mill, which is currently under design and manufacturing, shall incorporate the state of the art mechanical and hydraulic design, conceived and developed in order to cope with the specific and unique requirements of the copper foil rolling. The mill, that is currently under design, will be completely manufactured in Italy and preassembled in MINO’s Alessandria workshop.

The mill is derived by MINO six high reversing mill concept: the design has been modified and improved in order to allow the use of work rolls with very small diameter (110 mm) but keeping at the same time the advantage of the thickness and flatness control principles of the six high mill configuration.

The Copper Foil Mill is a reversing one, equipped with two reels that allow to apply a very wide range of tensions. Special equipment such as X ray thickness gauges, flatness rolls, tensiometer load cells, high precision encoders are installed on board of the mill.

The auxiliary hydraulic and fluidic circuits are designed to cope with the peculiar mill design. The automation is equipped with a Technological Control System provided by MINO Process Control from UK for highly performing Automatic Flatness Control and Automatic Gauge Control, specifically designed and tuned for the requirements of copper foil rolling process and perfectly matching with the latest version of MINO’s mechanical design for Copper Foil Mills.

The Automatic Gauge Control can provide speed control, tension control and pressure control modes combined in different ways in order to adapt to any rolling condition and to guarantee the best values of thickness tolerance. Notwithstanding the compact design of the mill, the mill design & control includes HGC pistons skewing, mechanical work and intermediate rolls bending and work rolls dynamic thermal crown control (realised by frequency controlled electrical spray valves) in order to keep under control the flatness of the strip at any value of thickness and especially when rolling the thinnest products for which the risk of strip breakage is higher.

The basic data of the mill are:

Alloys to be processed C10200, C101000, C11000, C19400, C70250
Max. entry thickness 0,2 mm
Min. exit thickness on copper
0,006 mm
Max. strip width
650 mm
Min. strip width 400 mm
Max. line speed at the mill
800 m/min
Max. coil weight
3,5 t

Typical MINO Copper Foil Mill

The mill shall be able to roll down to 6 microns of pure copper over maximum strip width. This is the most challenging rolling product that nowadays is requested to the very few mill manufacturers which are able to provide such kind of mills.

The selection of MINO by Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co. confirms MINO technological leadership in the field of thin and ultra thin gauge rolling of copper alloys on medium/wide strips.

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New Cold Mill for ALUMASA, Spain
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ALUMASA, Aluminio del Maestre, S.A., is a Spanish family business specialized, since the year 2000, in the production of aluminium painted coils using the coil coating technology. The Company has 35 years of experience in the sector of aluminium thanks to the first company of the group López Bolaños: “Cristales y Persianas López”.

The Company is currently equipped with the following processes: aluminium recycling, continuous strip casting, coil coating and slitting.

Alumasa has recently decided to fill the gap between the casting and the coating processes by awarding MINO with a contract for the supply of a new Four-high Cold Rolling Mill.

The concerned Cold Rolling Mill, which is currently under design in MINO’s Technical Department in Alessandria, is of state-of-the-art design and includes coil feeding/recirculation system, side trimmer and scrap chopper, most advanced AGC/AFC controls, including mass flow control.

Latest generation AC motors & drives will provide low maintenance and flexible control of speed and torque.

Key data of the new Cold Rolling Mill:

Type of alloys: AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width: 1800 mm
Max. entry strip thickness: 8.0 mm
Min. exit strip thickness: 0.15 mm
Max. coil weight: 13.5 t
Max. rolling force: 1600 t
Max. rolling speed: 800 m/min.

Typical MINO Four-high Cold Rolling Mill

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One more contract for Six-High Mill for Copper in Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group)
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MINO has been awarded by Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co.,Ltd. one contract for a new Six High Finishing Cold Rolling Mill for Copper and Copper Alloys.

This new contract follows the successful completion of the previous Six High Finishing Mill supplied and commissioned by MINO two years before.

MINO has been selected for the supply of a new finishing mill to be installed in the new production facility for 650 mm wide strips: the mill shall be used for the rolling of the thinnest gauges on which the control of flatness and thickness tolerances is most critical. The mill shall in fact roll down to a minimum thickness of 50 microns on 650 mm wide strip and shall be sized to accept incoming material as thick as 2 mm.

The mill will be equipped with the same MINO AGC/AFC system which is already installed in the previous mill and which has reached excellent performances.

The design of the mill is particularly focused on the rolling process of copper thin gauges: accurate tuning of work roll thermal crown, high precision of control of rolling force and strip tension and high quality strip surface can be achieved only by combining accurate machining of the equipment together with dedicated mechanical design and automation system that are the result of the experience and know how gained by MINO in this specific field.

This repeated order by Ningbo Jintian to MINO is the most convincing evidence of the deep satisfaction of Ningbo Jintian in MINO first project and the trust of Ningbo Jintian in the new cooperation with MINO due to the excellent partner relation developed by MINO and Jintian.

The key data of the mill are:

Type of Mill Six-High Reversing Finishing Mill
Rolled material
Copper and Copper Alloys
Max. entry strip width 650 mm
Max. entry strip thickness
2.0 mm
Min. exit design strip thickness 0.050 mm
Max. coil weight 10 t
Max. rolling speed 600 m/min.

The supply of MINO includes not only the mechanical and fluidic equipment but also the whole electrical equipment. Following MINO consolidated working standard, the whole design of the mechanical and fluidic equipment and the software of the automation system and of the technological control system are completely developed in MINO Italy by the same skilled engineers who are dedicated exclusively to the mills for copper alloys. Only in this way, in fact, it is possible to put at customer’s service the whole MINO technical know how and to include in the design of each mill new improvements and updates that allow the mill to be always at pace with the most engaging requirements of the market of the copper strips.

Mino Six High Rolling Mill already commissioned in Ningbo Jintian

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First Slab Scalped in Mino's Scalping Machine
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The new Slab Scalper designed and manufactured by MINO S.p.A., is a state-of-the-art Slab Scalping Machine using lubricant-free cutting technology which allows to maximize the chips recovery and reduce the pollution of the process.

The Slab Scalper is equipped with a single vertical milling head of 2200 mm diameter driven by a single 640 kW AC variable speed motor capable up to 20 mm of scalping depth per pass and two side milling heads of 550 mm diameter driven by 132 kW AC variable speed motors to side mill the slab with different shapes.

The equipment has been designed from scratch having in mind some key targets: effective chips containment system, easy access to the mechanical groups for maintenance, vibration free operation and long-lasting service life. The special features that have been incorporated in MINO’s design together with the use of heavy-duty mechanics allow to achieve high productivity and superior surface/shape quality in the outcoming slabs, which are necessary preconditions for targeting good results in the subsequent hot rolling process.

The control system is complete with a novel and original technology developed by MINO Automation which, by employing an advanced laser-based 3D scanning system, detects the actual slab profile geometry as DC casted and automatically pre-sets the scalping depth in order to minimize the scrap and optimize the surface quality of the slab.

The new MINO Slab Scalper capable to scalp 1800 x 600 x 6000 mm slab weighing up to 13 tons, it is installed in Profilglass Hot Rolling workshop upstream of the MINO Hot Rolling Mill.

Photo of the first scalped slab in the MINO Slab Scalping Machine

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