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New Cold Mill for ALUMASA, Spain
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ALUMASA, Aluminio del Maestre, S.A., is a Spanish family business specialized, since the year 2000, in the production of aluminium painted coils using the coil coating technology. The Company has 35 years of experience in the sector of aluminium thanks to the first company of the group López Bolaños: “Cristales y Persianas López”.

The Company is currently equipped with the following processes: aluminium recycling, continuous strip casting, coil coating and slitting.

Alumasa has recently decided to fill the gap between the casting and the coating processes by awarding MINO with a contract for the supply of a new Four-high Cold Rolling Mill.

The concerned Cold Rolling Mill, which is currently under design in MINO’s Technical Department in Alessandria, is of state-of-the-art design and includes coil feeding/recirculation system, side trimmer and scrap chopper, most advanced AGC/AFC controls, including mass flow control.

Latest generation AC motors & drives will provide low maintenance and flexible control of speed and torque.

Key data of the new Cold Rolling Mill:

Type of alloys: AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width: 1800 mm
Max. entry strip thickness: 8.0 mm
Min. exit strip thickness: 0.15 mm
Max. coil weight: 13.5 t
Max. rolling force: 1600 t
Max. rolling speed: 800 m/min.

Typical MINO Four-high Cold Rolling Mill

1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 8XXX series

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